This year, I've launched a FREE Illustration Club via private Zoom. Join in and hang out for two hours of chatting, casual instruction, and just a safe space to work on your own projects and share them with friends old and new.
     I have a love/hate relationship with money so this is free and open to all creatives. I don't like when money dictates involvement and hinders people from participating. Outside of my page here, I will be sharing it with my Patreon and Discord communities.
     Bring your own projects (BYOP) or follow along with mine. Chat and chill in a safe, creative space!

If you are on Facebook and would like it as a reminder or to share it, the link to the recurring event is here. Please contact me if you would like to be included!
     The schedule for the year will be posted here and I will be revising this as the group grows.

April 7th - Bookbinding
May 5th - TBA
June 2nd - TBA
July 7th - TBA
August 6th - TBA
September 1st - TBA
October 6th - DDLM Ofrendas and Halloween decor
November 3rd - gifts and decorations for Christmas/Yule
December 1st - goals book for 2023

For swatching, all mediums, cut down sheets of your favorite art paper to 2.5” x 8” strips. Mark off 1 centimeter horizontal rows down the strip and one 1.5 cm vertical column. (see photo below)
Renmeleon’s quarter-sheet sized junk journal.