No dates currently booked. Please contact to discuss options and AVAILABILITY. Can travel within Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Indiana, and Ohio.
Renmeleon is available to teach several one-day or multi-day workshops for adults as well as college and high school-aged youth on various topics or combinations of the following. All classes include handouts, worksheets, and supplies. Books can be added.
Surface Pattern Design
get GOING series: Aligning to your joy, reverse engineering your ideal day, tactics for completion. Book set included. Journaling activities can be added. Can be combined with bookbinding.
The Journey, LARP, and the Active Map: Crafting Your World from the Ground Up (hand-drawn map illustration, creative writing, world building). Available as individual classes or a weekend retreat.
More topics available.

Build Out Your Book: “Make Your Promotion Uniquely Yours by Utilizing Alternative Materials”: Invent new, creative ways to market your book using alternative approaches to social involvement. Learn to conceptualize and create unique promotional materials your readers will love. Worksheets provided. This one-hour workshop is followed up with a one-hour, hands-on group brainstorming session. Individual, private sessions can be booked at a discount for attendees. Includes access to resource and manufacturing information. 

Group workshops can include supply kits as well as local catering. For example, for bookbinding: Ticket price includes a catered lunch, instruction and resources, unique endpapers created by Renmeleon to choose from, and supplies for making two books (one there, one to take home). 5 hours including a one-hour lunch with a video presentation.