Under the name Renmeleon, illustrator, author, and designer Ana Maria Selvaggio has been a working creative since 1986. Living a very eclectic, digitally-analog life, Selvaggio has a passion for writing and has worked in and around the publishing industry since the mid 90s as a book designer and editor. Selvaggio's goal is to create a sustainable, mobile life for her family while teaching others how to work successfully and independently utilizing current technologies. 
Selvaggio holds a Masters in Creative Writing, specializing in screenwriting for gaming, film, animation, and television, as well as a graduate certificate in Instructional Design & Technology from Full Sail University.
When she isn't drawing or writing, Selvaggio's joys include reading, live streaming, and creating worlds from the ground up for her novels. Book trailers and designing associated promotional products are all part of her love of the process. Renmeleon being a “Renaissance Chameleon,” is a true jack-of-all-trades as a surface pattern and paper goods designer, zine maker, and publisher. She calls herself an "Instigational Motivator" and loves to play muse, making herself and her many skill sets available as a consultant on various projects.
Selvaggio founded and ran global art collaboratives as well as several creative writing groups out of her home for more than 20 years. Selvaggio and her husband both teach online and she is always looking for new workshop venues online and off. She currently lives with her husband and daughter in Berea, KY. All three are writers.
Renmeleon's work is available for licensing. She is also open to commissions.