2am 04/20/23 Heading to bed. Let me know if you have issues viewing.

First is just an example of Billy inked, pre-color. I included the paper doll in your email as a download.

I'll be adding in a lot of detail during the inking process along with fully painted backgrounds. The paper is 12" by 9" so it will be cropped when I do the layout to 10" x 8" hence the extra spacing around the edges.

Again, what you are looking at is the overall layout and placement. These are sketches of the full pages. The backgrounds will be painted separate, so they aren't included except for hints. The book should flow from illustration to illustration.

All the hand-lettering comes last digitally.
Cover concept, title will be hand-lettered.
The view out the cave entrance will be trees and undergrowth.
This is actually two pages - I altered it to split it between two (thumbnails below it.)
Closeup of Billy in the next photo. 
The two people in the window will be just eyes peering out with a dark grey like the lights are out.
Left page, confused look. Right page, he is heading into denser forest to open up into the map on the next pages.
Bird's eye of Edward's forest as Billy makes his way through to the clearing where the owl tree is on the other end.
Billy asking Edward for advice.
Edward won't be so scary looking when I ink him. ha Billy picturing the underwear on his Fanny, his Aunt Fanny, who is not thrilled.
Edward laughing at the funny faces Billy is making as he is trying to get the underwear on. I can remove the owl on the right and just leave it the two panels if we think it feels too much like bullying (making fun of him). Might be a trigger for some kids. Closeup of silly face after.
Edward taking a bow since he helped him. Billy finally wearing the underwear properly (almost, see next page after closeup of Edward.. ha)
Billy has his tail sticking out over the top of the underwear. His mom needs to fix that. ha
A very happy Billy dancing and doing somersaults on his way home.
His mom will have a "stinky" face. She's making him cleanup while she washes his new underwear. I am doing a bee pattern for her apron. I've also got the bees as part of a surface pattern for the end pages and for an actual fabric collection to go with the book.
Bedtime snuggle. She's holding the underwear out to the side behind him. 
He's dreaming, butt in the air like some babies sleep. The illustration will fade out into pattern.
I'm going to be inking then working on color. The color will have us on schedule. Email feedback as soon as you have a chance. Thank you!
Thank you!